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Provided marketing support and PR for a local art dealer who set up a sculpture garden in Wiltshire and organised a number of exhibitions in the region.

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Services - Delivering superior client service

I am passionate about listening to and helping my clients grow their business.  I love solving their problems.  Here is a full list of services the4phases provides:

Market review, strategy, development and delivery

With any new client, I like to spend time up front getting to know their business to find out what their business goals and objectives are.  Everything I do must be cost effective and help the client bring in more business.  This usually means asking a lot of questions and may involve:
  • Strengths/Weaknesses/Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) Analysis
  • Competitive positioning and brand awareness review
  • Market assessment and sizing
  • Marketing and communications audit
  • Market research

Key account planning, management and business development

As most clients want more customers,  a careful analysis of their existing customer base is usually one of the first things to review.  Most of their ‘key’ customers account for a high percentage of their turnover, but often they are not treated any differently than those with a much lower value to the business, so I may recommend implementing a ‘Key Account ‘ programme involving:
  • Identification of  existing key customers and those with the potential to become major clients in the future
  • Creation of key account plans for each of these customers
  • Developing specifically targeted marketing for ‘up selling’
  • Tailoring your products or services to increase sales from these key clients
  • Business development plan and implementation to win more clients and prospects

Event development, management and implementation

Participating in industry and client events, or creating your ‘own’ event,  are good strategies for raising  your business profile, and identifying and qualifying new prospects.  From small client workshops and breakfast meetings, to large trade shows, sales meetings and international conferences, I can handle everything from:
  • Venue selection, negotiation and management
  • Meeting agenda development, speaker invitation and liaison
  • Speech writing, presentation preparation, design and production of opening films/dvds
  • Organisation and management of the event (list research; delegate invitation, registration, confirmation, follow up and feedback)


Advertising generates awareness for your business its products and services. Although expensive, it can be cost effective with tight control of the message and clever placement.  Social media advertising can be a good investment to consider as well.   The 4phases can help with:
  • Selection of and/or working with your advertising agency
  • Developing the brief
  • Copywriting and media placement

Public Relations

Using the media to ‘spread the word’ about your company/ products /services is a wise investment but requires some skill because it can be hard to control how, when and where your message is communicated, if at all.  I can help you build more awareness by angling your story, developing important media relationships and providing a continual ‘drip feed’ of relevant information by:
  • Developing the press campaign brief
  • Selection of and/or working with your PR agency
  • Developing the brief
  • Writing press releases, backgrounders, etc
  • Organising media events
  • Set up and management of press interviews

Direct mail/email campaigns

Direct Mail and Email CampaignsDirect mail is an effective way of generating sales leads which ideally can be converted into ‘prospective clients’ and eventually customers. Using a client’s own mailing list and or researching an appropriate database of targeted names, the 4phases finds sending mailings, special offers, newsletters, e-mailers or invitations to specific events, are effective in finding prospective customers and even reconnecting with lapsed clients.

Copywriting and production

I am passionate about making complicated, jargon-ridden information plain and simple. Writing business copy for over 25 years, I can turn my hand to most kinds of business communications including:

  • Brochures
  • Information/sales sheets
  • Web copy
  • Speeches
  • Presentations
  • Scripts
  • Newsletters
In addition to the writing, I have extensive experience working with agency or in-house designers on the concept to final layout; photographers and illustrators on the visuals; printers on the final production; and fulfilment houses on the distribution. 


Most businesses today have an online presence through their websites, blogs and social media.  Working with experts in this area, we specialise in:
  • e-marketing and social media plan development
  • website development or re-fresh
  • e-mailers/e-newsletters/e-letters
  • web analytics and optimisation