large or one-off projects the4phases approach usually involves a business/marketing review; a marketing strategy; an implementation plan and an assessment of the results. " />

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Provided marketing support and PR for a local art dealer who set up a sculpture garden in Wiltshire and organised a number of exhibitions in the region.

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The4phases - Delivering success for your business


No budget, or task is too small

the4phases exists to help your business succeed.  Regardless of what stage your business is at now, the4phases can develop and implement an overall marketing strategy/plan or handle one-off, tactical projects.  For details of all the services I can provide click here.

the4phases approach

Even for one-off, tactical  projects, our four-phased approach ensures you get the best solution that will meet  your business objectives.

Phase 1 - Where is your business right now?

Business and marketing review

Has your business reached a plateau? 

Phase 1 reviews your:

  • Overall business goals and objectives
  • Unique selling points (USPs)
  • Brand values
  • Corporate/brand image
  • Stakeholders’ views
  • Strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats (SWOT) in relation to your competitors
  • List of current, lapsed, occasional and prospective clients
This information is collected by face-to-face interviews, telephone conversations, onsite workshops, or an online questionnaire with the key stakeholders as appropriate for your business.

Phase 2 - What direction do you want to take your business in the future?


With the information collected from Phase 1, a marketing strategy is developed that outlines:

  • Your marketing objectives that address your business goals
  • Your target market and key messages
  • Recommended marketing activities to achieve your objectives

Phase 3 - How are you going to get your business there?  -


After the strategy is agreed, a full implementation plan of what needs to be done by whom and when is produced including an estimate of costs.

Phase 4 - What are the results?


And finally, I will review how the mix of marketing activities worked and what can be improved by presenting:

  • New leads, briefs, proposals and customers
  • Increased awareness and sales